Most Easements generally require a Surveyor to mark the associated

Easement boundaries, and prepare a plan of survey for registration.

The survey of Easements must be conducted in accordance with the

 Survey & Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 & associated regulations

and standards.   As Survey Plan, are Registered Cadastral & Consulting

Surveyors,  we are legally able to Act as the Surveyor, to reinstate the

 necessary underlying encumbered parcel boundaries, then mark

proposed Easement boundaries.


We produce and quality assess the survey plan showing relevant encumbered lot boundaries,( as well the  Easement dimensions, area or volume, on a Standard or Volumetric format survey plan). The plan is then certified and endorsed, ready for further processing and lodgement by your solicitor. You will find our senior Registered Cadastral Surveyor to be of great assistance throughout the process.  We treat all customers with respect and priority.



What is an Easement?

An easement is a right annexed to land to utilise other land in a particular manner. It does not involve the taking of any part of natural produce of the land or any part of its soil. It may, however, prevent the owner of the other land from utilising his/her land in a particular manner.

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Access Easements and Infrastructure Easements:

  • Access Easements (From a Constructed Road)




    Under Section 83(2) of the Land Title Act 1994,  approval from the local government is required for Easement survey plans which  provide access to a lot from a constructed road. In the Gympie Region, this requires a development application & approval prior to survey of the easement.

    Survey Plan are experienced in preparing the necessary proposal plan & develoment application that complies with council & state government legislation & standards.


    Once you have your local government approval, we can then conduct the easement survey & produce the final plan of Survey.


    Strong Connections


    Survey Plan has strong connections with local Solicitors, who ensure the appropriate Easement document is prepared, executed and correctly lodged with the Department of Natural Resources & Mines (DNRM).

  • Infrastructure Easements

    With the continued growth of Queensland Infrastructure Networks, including Gas, Electricity, Telecommunications & Water, Survey Plan have maintained the necessary experience, qualifications, insurances, and equipment to carry out or manage survey requirements on any size project, anywhere.


    We are well connected in the Surveying industry and are able to bring together any number of Registered Surveyors required to deliver the Survey requirements of your Project.



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